What you really need to know... I am cool. Let me explain to you why I am so cool. I'm cool because I wear Converse All Stars (not Jack Purcells!), because I can braid my own hair, because I listen to '80s music, and because I have days-of-the-week underwear. Also I like milk, kinda like this really cool guy (so cool his link disappeared). Doesn't that make me cool? Don't you wish you were as cool as me?

My Interests This is the written explanation of what you can probably find elsewhere on this site... I mean, isn't that what pictures and links are for? Oh well. I like to sing and write and dance around in my underwear on stage - long live RHPS! I also like monkeys, Cadbury Cream Eggs, and faeries. My favorite color is rainbow... I'm supposed to wear all the pink, but I will steal Jenn's purple. And she'll like it.

My Beliefs I am loyal to the one, the only Jade Monkey. Unfortunately, there is not only one Jade Monkey, and I also kind of like the Yellow Monkey. This creates problems in the belief system. Don't worry. By this time next year, the cult should be fully renovated and then you can - I mean will - join it and we will all commit a mass suicide by jumping into the lagoon without so much as a shot of tequila. Won't that be fun?