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My Prose The Butterfly - I wrote this when I was about 15. It sounds 15.
Wana Kura - About my experiences my first year working at my brother's diabetes camp - one of my college essays.
Hands - This was supposed to be a whole essay, but it never got past the first paragraph. I'm currently taking suggestions for the rest of it.
The Way Derrick Was - Some describe this as child pornography. C'mon, people, it's supposed to be funny.
Julie's Car - And what are YOUR views on kissing?
Saying Goodbye to Alison -"Cos you gotta know!"
Nothing - Every parent has a story that they tell their kids every other week growing up. This is my dad's story.
As of yet untitled - This has nothing to do with baseball.

My Poetry Polly's Visit - A dream about my music director of ten years who passed away this winter.
Pompous Grass - One of my Dad's favorites - written at age 10.
Disproving E - Physics is fun... Though Mr. Harvie doesn't agree with my theories here.
Crush - Describing the way we tend to like people for who we imagine them to be, rather than for who they really are
Dehorristation - started out as a nonsense/nursery rhyme poem, but ended up making a point. Go figure.
Exile - Have you heard about how i was fired from Baskin Robbins? (this is just about the first time; thanks for reminding me that it happened twice!)
Hot Pink Post-it Notes - You know who you are, and I wish you'd make up your mind about how you're going to treat me, because I'm running out of Post-its.
In praise of my friend Dominic's sweater (which I just gave back) - No, Dom, I didn't do anything dirty in your sweater... you might've liked that too much!
Leaving Home - Calm down, nobody died. I wrote this for a journalism competition in 1999 and won the top prize. Yay me!
Love-Hate Poem - - Happy Single's Awareness Day (Feb. 14)!
To the Young Bride - The assignment was to write a wedding poem, but the last time I went to a real wedding, I was 13... and I intend for things to stay that way for a while.
Matmaids - TP Wrestling represent, Wha-What!!!
Worship - Inspired by my going to a Christian fellowship on a day that I wasn't feeling particularly Christian.
Mirrors - Just a history of me and the looking glass.
Love, Arizona - Jamie made me write it.
Kitchen Windows - Yes, Grandma, I know I rarely did the dishes. But I was so much happier outside with the boys...